Violette Fig & Black Currant Bubbling Milk Bath
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Bubbling Milk Bath:

Honey-sweet Fig yields a remarkable extract that helps nourish, soften and protect your skin. Rich in anti-oxidants & Vitamins A, B & C, fig happily rejuvenates and revitalizes.

Mother Nature Knows Best:

Take the Plunge! Creamy clouds of fresh and frothy bubbles leave your body clean and happy. Our bubbling Milk Bath’s top secret recipe combines a splash of amazing Almond Oil to naturally nourish, a scoop of luscious Coconut oil to help hydrate, and a dollop of skin soothing Milk & Honey to nurture delicate skin. Supremely softening as you relax and restore.

Made With:

Fig Extract, Coconut Oil, Milk, Honey & Almond Oil.

Instructions for Enjoyment:

Add to freshly drawn warm water. Allow Bubbling Milk Bath time to bubble up and infuse soothing properties throughout bath water. Submerge whole body into tub. Prepare to be transported into pools of relaxation!

Good to Know:

Paraben Free/ Gluten Free/ Never Animal Tested


7.25” H 2.5” W

Fill Weight:

16 fl oz / 473 ml

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Violette Fig & Black Currant Bubbling Milk Bath

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