TokyoMilk Dark Excess Hand Creme
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A sensuous balm. Unexpected essences crushed and distilled, creating a remarkably uncommon sensory experience - the Tokyomilk Perfumarie. Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oils melt away dryness in lush hydration. Not for the faint of heart, fragrance to pique your curiosity. Each alluring tube is enclosed in a tailored sleeve and tucked within a sumptuous keepsake bag. Fragrance Notes: Amber Resin, Oak Bark, Blood Orange, Patchouli Dimensions Box: 1.25"l x 2.25"w x 5.25"h | Tube: 4.75"h Fill Weight 3.4 oz / 82 g Fragrance Excess No. 28
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TokyoMilk Dark Excess Hand Creme

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