Rosemary Mint Pumice Foot Scrub
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Foot Scrub for Cracked Feet:

Calling all rough and tumble soles! Heels & Toes, this one is just for you! Sometimes you need a little extra rub in your scrub—we’ve added natural volcanic pumice stone to create an intensely exfoliating, quick-fix formula that sloughs even the roughest skin away. Say, “Hello! happy heels! Slightly sweet and crisp essential oils of Rosemary and Mint invigorate your senses. Walk away refreshed and uplifted; Sole to Soul…so to speak..

Made With:

Pumice stone and revitalizing blend of essential oils

Good to Know:

Paraben Free/ Gluten Free/ Never Animal Tested/ Vegan


2.5” H 2.5” D

Fill Weight:

4 oz / 113 g

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Rosemary Mint Pumice Foot Scrub

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