Library of Flowers Paper, Cotton, & String Sampler Tin
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Perfume Sampler / Exploration Kit: Discover hand-crafted fragrances within a keepsake copper tin. To keep or to share, a memorable tale of three artful essences perfectly paired to inspire and delight. Dabble and play by mixing and matching. Jot down your thoughts in a collectable field guide notebook with our custom travel pencil. We invite you into the Library of Flowers where moments are captured in artful perfumes waiting to be released upon happy whim. Explore the cast of characters: Cast of Characters: Honeycomb Top: Sugared Fig Middle: Ambrosia Honey Bottom: Royal Bee Blossom Cast of Characters: Field & Flowers Top: Apricot Middle: Honeyed Blossom Bottom: Wildflowers Cast of Characters: Linden Top: Linden Blossom Middle: Narcissus Bottom: Clover Honey .27 fl oz / 8 ml per vial
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Library of Flowers Paper, Cotton, & String Sampler Tin

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